Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann

This letter was addressed to St Vladimir’s community:

Prefeast of the Nativity

Dec. 22, 1983

Dear students,

All his life, Father told me: "Wait till you attend my burial, it's Holy Friday, it's truly the door, the gates to heaven. The burial of a priest is as awesome as it is beautiful." All and everyone of you, his friends, his companions, his students, as well as his former students, worked in peace, in unity and, mainly, in love, to make his feast of dying the most glorious day of his life. He loved, he loves, everyone of his students at St Vladimir’s in a very personal way and he trusted you and you fulfilled his trust during these three days of watching with him and praying with him. To thank you would be meaningless. Christ is Risen!

Matushka Juliana.

Matushka Schmemann