Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann

A permanent home for St. Vladimir's

An Editorial

"Except the Lord build the house, their labor is but lost that built it."

(Ps. 127)

With the help of God, St. Vladimir’s Seminary will soon move into a house of its own. We have recently acquired a beautiful five-acre estate in Crestwood, Yonkers, conveniently located at the outskirts of New York City, with a chapel and two large buildings. The "building problem" has been on our mind for several years and the Seminary was often criticized for not solving it in priority to all other problems. However, we have always and consistently upheld the principle that first things must come first. A theological school is not primarily a building or a "facility," it is a community of dedicated and qualified men, united by the same vision, sharing the same life, serving the same purpose. It must be built up spiritually and academically before it finds its permanent place and form of life. This, we hope, has been achieved. With a stable faculty of more than ten professional theologians, with a fully developed theological curriculum, with a constantly growing student body, a library that is appraised by specialists as one of the best Orthodox libraries in the Western world, and, above all, with a spirit of unity and a basic agreement on the goals to be achieved, St. Vladimir’s has reached its maturity and is ready for a home. What seemed to be so difficult all these years, has suddenly become a reality. In this we see the sign of Divine Guidance and help, and we thank God.

We hope to move into our new home next fall. However, the existing facilities are not yet fully sufficient. We must add an educational building for library space and classrooms, a faculty building, etc. We ask all our friends, all those who realize the urgent need for a permanent center of Orthodox theology and learning, to help ‘is bring to a fruitful conclusion our building program. – A.S.

St. Vladimir’s Seminary Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 4, Winter 1961, p. 2